About Us

Daxaware Pvt Ltd is a budding IT firm, based in Coimbatore, offering business products, solutions and support services. Daxaware is  an organization which have an unflinching thirst to succeed through hard word and dedication. By careful planning and execution we will achieve our dream to become the world's best IT partner.

Our Team

At Daxaware, we have a team of jubilant and young professionals who are in tune with us, to work on your requirements. Their expertise and winning spirit helps to provide the best results.
We have dedicated Project Managers and Team leads who are veterans in the field. We also have separate Development teams, Quality Assurance Team, Research team and support team dedicated for each project to serve our customers better. Each comprising of young, talented and highly enthusiastic professionals who have great agility and adaptability. 
We also provide learning portals and training programs for our employees through which they constantly enhance their skills and  keep them updated with the latest change in technology. 

What we believe?
Allocating the right task to the right candidate will get the job done in the right way. We possess the right skill set and right mind set to make your dreams go live. Daxaware always value client satisfaction more than any awards and monetary gains. We believe that our happiest clients help us reach better while the unhappiest clients teach us better. We not only put efforts to understand the needs of the customers but also to empathize with our customers to value their needs. This will help us to give more customer centric results.

What we do?

Daxaware makes your business easy by automating your process. We keep making research to constantly improve our business strategy and execution methodology. This way we want to provide business solutions at the lowest cost without compromising on the quality. Our aim is to provide best solution at best rate.

Our Logo

The elegant logo of Daxaware is a pictorial description of our objectives, commitments and aspirations. The arrow rising beyond the circle depicts that we Daxans transcend the limitations and constraints to reach technical excellence. The joining hands refers to our service rendered to our clients to transform their impediments into stairs towards success. The outer elliptical orbit represents the technology which means that we create these miracles with the help of technological advancements.

Our Mission

Daxaware incorporates innovative ideas, high technical expertise, best strategies and professional ethics to provide client centric results. We carefully plan and execute every one of our process to provide  best solutions at challenging cost. 

Our Vision

Daxaware is focused to become an organization, that changes how the world thinks and works automation and technical advancement. We take the responsibility to provide the latest technology at the lowest best price. 


Daxaware Pvt Ltd,


Tamilnadu, India.

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