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Daxaware Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of SEO services like SEO analysis, On-page SEO optimization, meta tag optimization, content development, SEO copywriting, high-quality inbound link creation and pay-per-click campaign management. Our SEO services are targeted towards taking you to the top of Search Engine Results Page. Whether your site has static or dynamic contents our SEO experts and developers put in their efforts to make your website easily "crawlable".

Our SEO services:

  • On-page SEO

  • Keyword analysis

  • External link-building

  • Page speed optimization

  • Landing page optimization

  • Content Optimization

  • Image optimization

  • Internal link optimization

  • Social media marketing

  • Advertisement campaign management

  • Conversion optimization

  • Dead page removal

  • Page error optimization

On-page optimization Services

On-page SEO services include optimizing both content and HTML source code of a page. We create websites with impressive contents and perform on-page optimization that can be leveraged online. If you call content as 'King' then SEO is the 'Queen'.

PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing (PPC) is a proven SEO technique that allows your business to be quickly seen in the search engine results pages. We create transparent and measurable campaigns that allow you to evaluate the success against your own targets. Both Google and Microsoft have their Pay Per Click Marketing programs under AdWords & Bing Ads programs. Via these programs you can advertise your business on Search & Display Networks.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has fundamentally changed the way that many companies communicate with their target demographics. The new ways that customers use social media to make purchasing decisions has influenced digital marketing from start to finish. Good content always entertains and attracts the potential customers. Through eye-catching contents we promise you to get better results for your investment for social media marketing (SMM).


Building links is one of the many tactics used in SEO because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. Links are important since Google confirmed that links are the #1 ranking factor, alongside great content. We make use of only white-hat link building techniques to improve your site SEO. These back-links helps to increase your website traffic. We are one of the best SEO companies in coimbatore that build links through ethical white-hat method.

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed optimization would impact your website ranking as Google compares your site to your competitors on a specific segment and attributes a bonus point when you are the fastest. Increase your website loading speed with our page speed optimization SEO techniques. We make changes in your website to replace the contents that lowers your page speed.

Structured Data Implementation

A structured data implementation is the way of presenting your website content in a format that is easily understood by search engines. Structured Data makes the search engine software (crawler) to fetch the contents of your page easily.  We provide the information in a way the search engines can easily decipher your business. Feeding the structured data into your page Markup can improve your website SEO to a great extent.

Image Optimization

Images are one of the important factors Google considers while ranking your pages. High resolution images make readers to visit your page and get noticed by Google. But high-resolution images has increased bytes. This in turn will increase the loading time. Hence a good SEO service should optimize your images without compromising both. Learn more from our blog post on Image optimization.

Brand Identity

Google considers Brand identity as one of the factors for ranking a business website. If you need to be ahead of your competitors, you need to make customers trust your brand. Daxaware's SEO service helps to build and promote your brand name by creating good reputation through Social media, forum articles and removing negative comments or feed backs from various sources.

Our process

Search Engine Optimization for all businesses

Search Engine Optimization plays an imminent part in marketing your business online. In this competitive world your business needs to be on the Page 1 to get noticed by your potential clients.If your website pages ranks higher, then you gain better visibility for your business, leading to increased organic traffic & subsequently more sales. 

Choosing the right SEO company is a crucial part to get better results. Many claim to provide good SEO services but only best SEO companies like us can provide you with real-time reports. We provide both on-page and off-page SEO services. We optimize the contents of your website to help Search engines easily interpret your contents. We build inward links to your website with the support of top bloggers and right social media marketing strategy. All our SEO strategies obey the guidelines of Google search engine optimization and follow the white hat SEO methodology.

We provide you reports on the improved rankings in search results and increased website traffic. We give no false beliefs, we analyse and provide the different SEO strategies that can improve your site rank. We do not promise a sudden peak in your website traffic, our results are gradual but ethical. We offer SEO services to enterprises ranging from start-ups, small-scale to large business.

Benefits of SEO solutions offered by Daxaware:

  • Every client will be assigned with a dedicated SEO expert who will co-ordinate with the clients for gathering details on their goals and targeted customers. The client can contact the dedicated SEO analyst for all queries and reports regarding their website search results.We also update the clients regularly with their rankings for each keywords and reports on various categories.

  • Our SEO experts also have some domain knowledge that can benefit you when you are conveying your business needs to your dedicated SEO expert.

  • The SEO techniques adopted by us are purely ethical and agree with search engine guidelines.

  • We focus mostly upon building website traffic through website optimization and spend less on running Ad campaigns

These features make us stand-out as the best SEO service provider in Coimbatore.

What makes us as best SEO company?

Challenging Price

We provide the SEO services at lowest possible rates as we focus on getting customer satisfaction than profit.

No risks involved

We always stick to the search engine guidelines and never opt for black hat tricks of optimization to provide temporary increase in website traffic. Therefore our optimization techniques are completely risk-free

Help witness the performance

We provide you with reports that help you witness the performance of our search engine optimization techniques.

Getting client to rank first

We use updated SEO techniques of 2018 to boost the rank of our client's  website to appear in the first page of the search results

Website Audit

Analysis & Reporting

Keyword Research

Website Optimization

We first analyse the analytics data for your website to understand the current performance of your website. We also analyse about your business goals and competitors. From our analysis we create the best plan for performing SEO on your website.

The success of SEO campaign depends on value of keywords chosen. So we perform a careful research to select a list of potential keywords that are frequently used to search for your business in the search engines.

After that we choose the right SEO strategy and perform the on-site and off-site optimization and content optimization in your website

We provide the analytics report in a simple customized format to help you understand and witness the performance of our SEO service in boosting your website traffic.

Our SEO experts are specialized in:

E-Commerce website SEO

Local SEO

Best national SEO solutions

By using large database and efficient SEO tools we improve the rankings of your e-commerce website. 

Get listed in the top in your local search list by opting for our Local SEO services. Lately there was an update in Google maps that incorporated many features that are beneficial for Local SEO. 

When you have the urge to expand and take your business to national level, the seo experts at Daxaware are here to help. With a combined effort of multiple SEO campaigns we will get you to rank at a national level search.

We are transparent in our operations. Our price for the search engine optimization services are determined by the following criteria

Current website position

The prices for our SEO services mainly depends on your current ranking of your website in the search engine results.As our amount efforts can be determined only from starting point.

Why do you need SEO?

  • Organic search results are very important for increasing your website traffic.

  • An increased website traffic increases your sales.

  • Good SEO ensures good user experience.

  • SEO is the cheapest of all form of marketing.

The explanation from search engine land would help you to have better understanding on SEO benefits.

How do you contribute for an effective SEO?

As a business owner:

  1. You first need to specify us about your business goals and about the scope of your business.

  2. Then specify your targeted customers whom you plan to attract through digital marketing.

Get No.1 ranking in Search results

Double your website traffic

Convert every visit to your website into sales

Benefit your business from our expert assistance which is best in Coimbatore


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