Daxaware provides a wide range of Data Management services that can help collect, process and manage the raw data into useful information required for improving your business​.

As you control the entire process, our services for data management help transform your data and also help you to reduce costs. Data is distinctly important for businesses because it helps to validate the current position and also helps in optimizing the operation.


The accessibility of such data with accuracy and detail is of utmost importance. No organization wants to waste precious man hours on tidying up day-to-day paperwork and procedures. By outsourcing data entry work, you save money and time and will free up staff to make sure that your core business tasks get their due attention.

There is usually an overwhelming amount of data management services required, be it offline data typing or online data entry, converting your hard copy documents to soft-copies, documenting legal documents or forms, inputting invoices, or collecting information from customers/ vendors and entering online image CAPTCHA etc.

We can process large volumes of data in short time periods. We can help you with creation of powerful illustrated tables, generation of significant statistics related to data summaries, summarizing information into formats that are intelligent, and, additionally, help you meet any other challenges related to data processing.

All data are sent to our team through VPN and they are completely secure. We give highest priority to maintain the confidentiality of our client documents. We perform several validations on the completed documents before signing off the project. Hence the occurrence of errors are meager.

We offer the following services in Data entry:

Online Data Entry

Many organizations needs to store and manage large amount of data every day. A delay in the process may increase the complexity.Online data entry is an efficient way to maintain the huge data the company gets every day. But it requires the usage of correct technology and resources to do the job. 

We perform online data entry in lesser time. We make use of latest technologies required for making Online data entry. Be it Invoice entry and capturing of Computer codes, transcription, etc. We double check every data entered to increase the accuracy of the data delivered to our clients.


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