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ODOO Documents



Create specific environments, for a group of workers or for companies.

Tags by Categories

Use tags to organize your environment 


Create any action for any condition. For instance, create an invoice or a task in Odoo. 


New interface with filters on folders or tags, documents in kanban and action manager on the right. 


Share any documents publicly, select validity dates, and give rights to upload and/or download.

Request Documents

Use activities to request a document from another person. It will create an activity for this person. 


Create documents by email by sending to an alias.

Split PDFs

Split a group of documents to avoid scanning them one by one. Or split a document to request a signature on the main document, without annexes. 

Signature Request

Request a signature on documents. 


Activate the chat on any document.


Lock a document to prevent other users from working on it while is it being edited.


Preview PDFs, images, and videos. 



Device Connection

The IoT Box allows you to connect any device to your database.


Odoo integrates IoT technology to your business flows. We don't add extra steps to your work.

Ready Out of the Box

Box configuration is very easy. Even non-technical users can do it!


Devices can be connected to the IoT Box using USB, HDMI, Bluetooth or Wifi.



Dashboard View and KPIs

The new dashboard view gives an overview of your inventory management. Gives average cycle times and delays and includes information about value coming in and out of stock.

Track POs

If the PO has been triggered by a reordering rule, show that reordering rule as source document on the PO (even in cases of multi-step receipts).

Push and Pull Rules

Push and pull rules are merged into a single concept, easier to configure.

Product Cost

Clearer descriptions of journal items, add more information on journal items created through a change of the cost of the product.

PDF Reports

Improvement on the batch picking PDF to regroup products to pick per locations. Improvements to the delivery slip, traceability,  picking operations, and the production order PDF reports to fit business.

Carriers Connector 

Full integration with BPost and Easypost to support 90 extra carriers

Transfer Date

Display the date at which the transfer was processed on done transfers. The default scheduled date on pickings is set to today’s date.

Putaway Strategy by Product

Putaway strategies can now be applied per product and not only per product category.

Visual Representation of Routes

Representation of the routes that apply to the product has been added, to ease configuration and debugging of push and pull rules.

Unit of Weight

Define if you work with kilograms or pounds. Useful when working with carrier integrations.


A new button appears on  stockable products in order to easily replenish your stock.


When there are exceptions to manage, a next activity is logged on the affected document.



Request for Quotation

When you create an RfQ for a vendor for which no prices matches, the default price is set to 0.


If the PO has been triggered by a reordering rule, show that reordering rule as a source document on the PO.

Blanket Orders

BOs are taken into account when an RfQ is created. Other usability improvements on blanket orders include stages, vendor field required, adapted for multicurrency, and more... 


Generate purchase orders automatically for product of type service (MTO). Edit received quantity of a service on a PO. 



Unbuild orders

Push rules are now also applied after unbuild orders.

Manufacturing in 2 or 3 Steps

Pick the components before a MO and store the finished product after a MO with a one-click configuration. 

BoM structure

Add information about the BoM reference and version and make it clickable. Also, add the attachments of the product on that report.


Prevent users from suppressing productivity losses that are needed on work orders.

Access Right

Stock users do not have access rights to create invoices. The button “Create Invoice” is invisible from the repair order for those users.


Enlarge the feature to define which components to use for a finished product-specific-variant on the BoM.

Produce on MO

Define the exact quantities of components you consume to produce a finished product on a MO. Gives more flexibility for component consumption.

Product Cost

Compute the cost of products based on their BoM in mass directly from the product list view.

Barcode on Work Order

Work orders can be processed by using a barcode scanner.




Starting tips have been improved to facilitate user onboarding  such as customizing the pipeline, creating an opportunity, scheduling activities, and more. 


Followers of sales teams are notified when a new lead is created. The first user follows the default sales team.

Domain Selector for Lead Scoring

Setting a domain on incoming leads is now much easier with the new domain selector. 


Dashboard views have been added in order to analyze lead generation and conversion at a glance.

Sales Teams

Sales Channels have been renamed into “Sales Teams”.

Partner Autocomplete 

Autocomplete partner information from a list of matching contacts or VAT number.

Reveal (IaP)

Turn website visitors into leads by using their IP addresses. 

Point of Sale


The PoS box has been replaced by the IoT box. 


Configure taxes, pricing and payments from Point of Sales settings




Configuration Bar

Configure your sales app in a few clicks to start sending quotations in no time.

Sections & Notes

Add sections and notes to your quotations and invoices on the fly.

Online Sales

A new screen for customers to sign or pay their quotations has been added. You can also combine signature & payment to strengthen the customer commitment.

Sales Reports

Sales reports have been unified with all the sales teams including Point of Sale.


In case a selected warehouse is out of stock of a particular product, Odoo will tell you in which warehouse you can pick up available products.


Use building blocks to create quotation templates. Set a default validity duration and use standardized template offers. 

Delivery Date

Requesting a specific delivery date from the sales order is easier. 

Product Configurator

To choose product attribute values from the sales order, click options. Custom variants from sales orders can be generated in case of numerous combinations.


Ability to edit invoicing and shipping addresses of a confirmed order.




Manage several websites from Odoo, each with different themes, URLs, pages, products, blogs, etc.

Custom Color Picker

Define custom colors for your website components (background, header, footer, text & icons, highlight, etc.).

SEO Wizard

A new SEO wizard has been added with a keyword tab to identify content (such as titles, descriptions, texts, H1, H2) to improve in your pages. The ability to set images for social share has also been added.


A new option on website topbar menu to embed it in the first block of the page for a better visual harmony. Keep the website menu visible when scrolling down. 

Customize Theme

A new, generic screen to customize the look and feel of your website (e.g., branding colors, layout (full width, boxed), fonts, etc) has been added.

Building Blocks

New building blocks have been added, including new customization options and business-oriented content. Quickly customize block height by adding padding. You can also add or remove columns easily.

Media Manager

Choosing background pictures is quicker and easier thanks to the new media manager.


Use the Unsplash search in the media manager to find beautiful, free images to create your websites.


The website backend has been redesigned for easier navigation and configuration. The app store has also been revamped to install new features more easily.

Drop Areas

Areas to drop snippets or to set pictures have been improved for a better design experience.


The automatic website footer has been replaced by a fully customizable one.  


When archiving a forum, URLs of related topics are deactivated so forum pages are no longer searchable.  


Customize and edit dynamic pictures by double-clicking on them. Import images from URL. Crop, flip, and rotate images. Find images from Unsplash.

Better Logo Sizing

The company logo is now displayed in full size in the top menu. 


You can now organize blog tags by category to help with navigation.


A new building block to show a Facebook fan page widget on your website has been created.



Configuration Bar

Get your payment methods and taxes configured in a few clicks to run your eCommerce.


New dashboard views allow you to analyze online sales using filter, grouping, and comparison possibilities. 


Print and send codes to customers with a dedicated mail template.

Zoom on Product Images

Zoom on product images has been revamped. It applies to any picture allowing a 50% zoom. The zoom feature is also a configurable option: no zoom, on click, or on hover.


The checkout experience has been optimized to make it quicker, easier, and fully responsive. The new checkout flow will positively impact your sales!

VAT Number

A customer can set company data and VAT number in the checkout or portal interface as long as a first order is not confirmed.


Better design. Free sign up is also the new default mode for customer portal accounts.



Online Payments

Confirmed online transactions create a payment for easy reconciliation. They also show up as notifications in the document’s chatter for easier follow-up.

Invoicing Communication

An automatically generated communication field, based on invoice number, has been added to the payment request for wire payments. 


Automatically synchronize your currency exchange rates regularly with new provider XE.COM

Configuration Bar

Setup your accounting in 4 steps and get your invoicing policy ready to use. 

QR Codes

Your customers can now scan a QR code with their banking app to pay. The QR code is on PDF invoices and shows up in the payment screen of quotations and invoices.

OCR & FacturX (IaP)

Use invoice data recognition from a PDF or picture to fill in vendor bill fields. 


Stripe is now a payment acquirer that can be used to pay on eCommerce, subscriptions or classic sales.

Vendor Bills Autocompletion

Use autocomplete from previous entries or from a purchase order.


Configuration Bar

Setup your accounting in 4 steps and get an accounting environment ready to run your company.

Payments & Bank Transfers

Payment is only validated in Odoo once you have proof of payment; it stays as a draft before that. You can also now set up a direct debit on batch payments. 

Various Improvements in Usability

New dashboards, graphs, style reports, and visual improvements, have been added.  

Bank Matching

Ability to create rules based on contact, description, amount, etc. have been added. Rules can be processed automatically, manually, or proposed to users for validation. 

Currency Rates

The creation of negative or 0 currency rates is now prevented.


Accounting payments (bank statements) and acquirer payments (credit card) have been merged for easy reconciliation.


Tax Report Audit

Click on tax report lines to audit them.

Payment Terms

More flexibility and precision in payment terms setup have been added. E.g., invoice due in 15 days, the 7th of the month.

Reverse Entries

Automatically reverse an entry at a specific date.

Analytic Accounting 

Improvement on analytic accounting hierarchy on analytic accounts, analytic distribution allowed thanks to the use of analytic tags, new analytic accounting report, etc. 


Choose between an analytic or general account budget or both.

Financial Reports

Filters and "group by" have been added to financial reports to allow comparisons. 

Fiscal Year

Support for custom fiscal year in has been added.

Bank Synchronization

Switch to new PLAID API with new supported online institutions. Clearer research on bank institutions added.


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