Time and Attendance Management System is very important if you want your targets to be met on time. One of the most necessary features of any Time and Attendance Management System is that it has to be simple enough for all of your employees to understand and use without having to contact the IT department every time.

Our System allows for just this, as it lets your employees to capture the working time exactly. Basically, it allows employees to work on the go and lets them clock in and clock out. You can configure our Time and Attendance software any way you want in order to suit the requirements of your business.

Handle large data than physical tracker

Our Time and Attendance management system uses Oracle database. Hence you can handle Attendance and Time details of large number of employees than physical records easily.

Easy clocking in of timings

Our tracker is the best solution for easy and simple attendance management. You can manage all aspects such as late entrance, absence,  over-time, holidays, etc. easily.

Faster access to data tracked

As all the entries stored in our tool are easily accessible and can be retrieved at any moment as soon as possible. So you don’t have to spend hours for fetching a particular record for any purpose. You can complete control over the working hours of each employee.

Automatic calculation of  hours and wages

You can set the working hours and holidays using this tool. The recorded timings will then be used to compute the working hours for each employees. These data are stored and retrieved later for calculation of Time sheet and corresponding  wages.

Features of our Time and Attendance Management System:


Easily configurable to be used for managing time and attendance of employees working in different shift timings.


With our browser-based attendance management software, your organization need not use any machinery for physical attendance management system. Your employees can easily log in/out from their browsers!


We also provide our customers bio-metric attendance tracking devices. These devices record the attendance of each employee using their bio-metric data and map it using our cloud-based servers. This will help you to know who's clocked in/out of your office.

Our Time sheet management system helps you to maintain the security of attendance details by giving different access permissions to different roles. This also allows you to analyse the data for arriving at any solutions for decreasing the absence of employees at workplace.


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